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Starting A New Job

Polestar Consulting recruits for leading insurance and property management jobs across Canada.  With expert knowledge of the insurance industry and employers’ requirements, we match job seekers to the broking jobs that best suit them, and provide expert advice on the career options available. 

We can help you to find jobs at a local, regional or national company that suits your skills and aspirations.  Our consultants provide tailored guidance on useful qualifications to gain with professional development, and offer support and advice throughout your career.

Congratulations!  You got the job but still consider the first day an extension of your interview.  Present yourself as professional, personable and knowledgeable. Starting a new job is intimidating for everyone.  Remember they have given you the job so they feel you are the best fit for the company and the team.  If you are still nervous read our tips to make a smooth transition into your new role.

TIP:  Call your recruiter to let them know how it went. Talk through the people you met, the project and how you found your first day. It’s important to share any questions you may have at this early stage and your consultant is best placed to find out information on your behalf. 

Interview Tips

Been Offered a Job

Interviews needn't fill you with dread.  With the correct preparation and strategy, you can easily achieve interview success.  Our interview tips are a great place to start.

Do the requirements of your career match your lifestyle?    

Are you satisfied with the time commitment your career requires?    Where do you see your career taking you in the next three to five years?  If you answered “Yes” to many of these questions, you are probably in the right career.  For you, career planning will entail seeking ways to learn and grow in your career. You must determine what skills and characteristics to develop, and what additional experience you need to continue your professional development. If you answered “No” to more than a few of these questions, it may be time to consider a new career. 

Gather Information about Yourself 

When researching a new career you first need to understand more about your own personal and professional goals. You should develop a clear sense of what you enjoy doing, what you don’t enjoy, and the balance you are seeking between career and lifestyle. To help you determine your personal and professional needs, review the following self-assessment topics.  On average, you will probably change careers seven to ten times during your life.  Sometimes you change careers because of changes in your own needs, desires, and requirements. Sometimes you must switch careers due to changes in your profession or industry outside your control. For these reasons, career management and planning should be a life-long endeavor. The first step in career planning is determining whether your current career meets your personal and professional needs. 

Are You in the Right Career? 

To help determine whether you are in the right career, ask yourself some of the following questions:    Do you enjoy going to work most days?    Do you enjoy what you do on the job?    Are you motivated to seek advancement in your career?    Are you willing to put in the extra effort to succeed in your career?    Are you in a stable or growing profession? 

How to leave your old job on a high note and with strong references.  Starting a new job with confidence by hitting the ground running.

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